An all-in-one solution for your installation needs. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Cellular Concrete Technologies supplies state of the art equipment, chemical, batch design and personnel for your installation needs including, but not limited to, pipe grout and annular fill application, roof deck leveler and insulator, sinkhole repair, abandoned pipes, culvert linings, road base, cellular backfill, cellular flowable fill. We come on to your site and produce the foam concrete, manage the density to meet job specifications and take samples for 3rd party testing throughout the placement process. The contractor places and finishes the job with their crew and our supervision. CCT takes all responsibility for producing the correct density and strength material. Read more about our products and services. View CCT's approved installer at

1. Equipment On-site

We provide easy to use, reliable and predictable equipment on-site. From portable units for on-the-job projects to Ready Mix mounted units for large productions, our machines will fit your specific production needs

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2. Concrete Foam Production

Our revolutionary foaming agent is produced on-site and allows you to accurately predict, maintain and control air volume in every batch. ASTM-260 certified, our liquid air-entraining admixture is proven and tested, just see the results and reports below.

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3. Density Management & Sample Testing

Batch designs provided to meet your job specififcations from a detailed calculator to compute the perfect mix with your specifications. We take samples for 3rd party testing through out the placement process (6/hr)