Why is Stable Air the Right Choice? Because CCT has taken the guess work out of producing quality cellular concrete.

The Stable Air system is an integrated system of 3 parts:

1. The Machine:

The M-Series Foam Generator provides precise amounts of microscopic (smaller than a grain of sand) air entraining every time without fail (Winner - Most Innovative Product award at World of Concrete 2012). This patented machine has been proven to be the choice of major corporations when choosing a cellular production machine and is in use in many locations throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, Africa, Asia and India

2. The Admixture:

Stable Air is an all synthetic blend, nontoxic and bio degradable. It has been independently laboratory tested for compliance of ASTM C-260 and ASTM C-869. Stable Air is an approved admixture in numerous states (California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah and Wisconsin, with additional states pending). Compared with other air entraining admixtures which we have tested in our lab and in independent studies outside our lab, our Stable Air chemical has proven to be of the highest quality available on the market. Several companies with other systems purchase Stable Air for a superior performance. One of our clients in Wisconsin Who had previously purchased a competitor’s equipment, orders our chemical because of it’s competitive price and exceptional quality and non- collapsing bubble structure. We were also challenged by a cellular concrete installation company which was the installation division of a different competing manufacturer to compare our admixture to theirs and the result proved our superior bubble structure. When we poured a 10 foot high 24” diameter tube, the competitor’s product collapsed to less than 50% under its own weight and Stable Air had zero collapse and zero shrinkage.

3. Mix Design

Cellular Concrete Technologies with over 20 years of laboratory and onsite testing, we have a full library of proven mix designs for use ranging from 24pcf @100psi to 105pcf @5000psi. By using our mix design computer program, we are able to program the machine to produce the exact amount of air required for all densities and strengths per cubic yard or cubic meter. The pretested batch designs have proven over the last 8 years in the field to be accurate within 2% of desired pcf and psi requirements. All properly trained operators can produce the required densities and strengths every time. The operators will verify each mix from the slurry provider when the truck arrives at the site, take samples to check for consistency and density. Then confirm that the batch design that was ordered is in the truck by verifying the batch ticket from the driver. The operator will then program the machine to run for the proper amount of time to reach the correct density. Once the machine has discharged all the foam into the truck the driver rotates the barrel at mixing speed for 3-4 minutes and samples are taken to confirm the material is properly air entrained. Once the proper density has been achieved the truck is sent to the pumping station and the next truck is checked for the proper batch and the process repeats. Samples are taken when critical strengths and weights are required for independent lab testing verification.

Trained CCT installers are available to be on site to start production and then monitor the ongoing production throughout the project for an additional fee. High production Inline injection pumping training is also available.


From portable units for on-the-job projects to Ready Mix mounted units for large productions, the Stable Air system provides mix designs to meet your requirements for strength, weight and r-value.

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Foaming Agent

This liquid air-entraining admixture allows you to accurately predict, maintain and control air volume in every batch.

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Aerators & Foaming Agent to fit your specific construction needs

Stable Air brings precision and predictability to the process of creating lightweight concrete

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